Rick Scott Doesn’t Believe in Fair Wages

By refusing to raise the minimum wage, even though most Floridians say they support doing just that, Rick Scott is doubling down on his policy to give corporate handouts to big businesses so that they, in turn, will presumably create more jobs.

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Rick Scott's Top Ten Dirtiest Deeds

All Aboard Florida: Rick Scott rejected federal funding for high-speed rail, which would have created tens of thousands of jobs, connected major cities, and reduced air pollution and traffic congestion. Scott lied and said the project would have cost taxpayers $1 billion in overrun costs. This year it was revealed his former chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, who was formerly employed by All Aboard Florida...

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Advocates Celebrate Passage of Earned Sick Time; Too Bad it Can’t be Enforced

Carlos Smith, Orange County DEC Chair, Stephanie Porta, Executive Director of Organize Now, Anna Eskamani, Regional Manager at FL Planned Parenthood PAC, and local Orlando residents without Earned Sick Time benefits, held a press conference to demand an overturn of the “kill shot” legislation that Rick Scott signed, which preempted local communities from being able to provide Earned Sick Time benefits to working families.

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Leaders Expose Rick Scott's Failed Job Record - Activists Demand Changes

Representative Victor Torres, Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida Vice President, John Cortes, and Regional Manager at Florida Planned Parenthood PAC, Anna Eskamani held a press conference Thursday Morning at the Osceola Courthouse highlighting Scott’s “Working” Tour duplicity.

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Orlando Leaders Tell Rick Scott ‘Don’t Cheat’

Local voting rights advocates today denounced the Scott Administration’s voter suppression tactics and let the Governor know that efforts to prevent Floridians from voting will not be tolerated.

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