Representative Victor Torres, Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida Vice President, John Cortes, and Regional Manager at Florida Planned Parenthood PAC, Anna Eskamani held a press conference Thursday Morning at the Osceola Courthouse highlighting Scott’s “Working” Tour duplicity.

The event was one of a series of protests following Labor Day. In response to the annual “State of Working Florida” report released by FIU’s Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy, leaders wished to address the Scott Administration’s four year failure to substantiate its jobs promise and financial implications Floridians have faced as a result of that failure.

“The people in Central Florida who are working full time, struggling on minimum wage, don’t have the money to make campaign donations,” said Representative Victor Rodriguez. “Rick Scott has forgotten that his first responsibility is to the people, not the companies in his investment portfolio.”

Scott has repeatedly ignored or refused to support initiatives like raising the minimum and the Paycheck Fairness Act.  

The legislators and activists noted that the overwhelming consensus of data shows that the wage gap continues to increase in the state and that the minimum wage falls well below the projected living wage. They also noted that it is often minorities and women who have felt that brunt of Scott’s failed job policies. 

“Despite often being the primary breadwinners, women on average, earn almost ten thousand dollars less than their male counterparts,” said Anna Eskamani, Regional Manager at Florida Planned Parenthood PAC. “Florida women deserve better, they're families are counting on it.”


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